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development of children

Mission of the organization is to promote initiatives aimed at strengthening democracy and civil society in Ukraine through the development and implementation of various programs and projects aimed on the democratization of public life, supporting  NGOs, local authorities and initiative groups.
During all existence period  main activity directions were:

Youth- Future of Ukraine! This way called constantly operated charity foundation’s programme, as a part of it was conducted a lot of different activity. CF CCI together with local culture department was initiator and implementer of many events for Perechin’s pupils and youth. Such as:


On our Charity Foundation’s base during almost 10 years acted school of early aesthetic education “Radist”. A lot of events for youth were organized and implemented by members of this school all over Perechin’s region. As a part of this programme was created Perechin’s Regional School Parliament, created and actively works Perechin Community Foundation’s Youth Bank. CF CCI conducts for pupils and youth summer camps, educational workshops, exchange travels in different regions of Ukraine and abroad. We support youth initiatives for improvement youth life in our city, we grant  them possibilities of informal education  and self-fulfillment. This  direction of CF CCI’s activity is one of the most important , that is why a lot of our projects includes deciding children and youth problems:



development of children and youth activity,  work with gifted youth.