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deveopment of local self- government

Mission of the organization is to promote initiatives aimed at strengthening democracy and civil society in Ukraine through the development and implementation of various programs and projects aimed on the democratization of public life, supporting  NGOs, local authorities and initiative groups.
During all existence period  main activity directions were:
deveopment of local  self- government,  involvement citizens in deciding local problems and development of constant communities;

One of the most important clients for CF “ Center for Civic Initiatives” are communities, because here local  self-government system works most effective.CF “ Center for Civic Initiatives” as a part of its activity helps initiative groups of citizens, community activists, representers of local self-government on a local level implement initiatives, that lead to deciding local problems, increasing life level and implementing activities that lead to socially important changes in a communitiesand in society in generally.

For this purpose CF CCI conduct trainings, workshops, summer academies and schools, consultate, organizing and conducting practical-scientific conferences on various topics, provides grant support.For more extensive information for citizens CF CCI prepares own publications , important information placed on own  web-site and partners web-sites. Representers of CF CCI are active participants of number local governments advisory and consultative councils. To achieve this goals in this direction CF CCI performed number of projects:

  • Development of local self-government (25. 02.1999 – 24.05.1999)
  • Deciding local problems – case of local NGOs (24.07.2001 – 30.04.2003)
  • Involving inmates of 7 alpine communities for active social activity (15.05.2003 – 15.05.2004)
  • Active public – way to democracy (01.09.2003-31.08.2004)
  • Local self-government academy (10.01.2005-31.12.2005)
  • Mobile help vulnerable voters groups (01.02.2006-31.03.2006)
  • Publishing book about Perechin (15.04.2006-15.07.2006)
  • Creating community media-centers in rural locality (march 2007- august 2008)
  • Supporting development of civil ecenomic initiatives (September 2008-september 2010)
  • Corruption is Evil ! Let’s beware it (01.10.2007  – 28.02.2009)
  • Constant community development-guaranty of high level life  for current and next generations (15.07.2010-15.05.2011)
  • Saving  and constant using of Ukrainian Carpathian natural resources (21.01.2011-30.06.2011)
  • Saving  and constant using of Ukrainian Carpathian natural resources (01.12.2011-30.06.2012)
  • Perechin’s community foundation grantsgiving process (01.05.2011-30.04.2012)
  • Step by step – together in Europe (15.02.2011-14.02.2013)