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Charity Foundation “Center for Civic initiatives”- Ukrainian non-government organization, created in Perechin, Transcarpathia by group of initiative citizens  in march 1996.First organization’s direction was providing  children and youth leisure.In march 1997 organization was officially registered as a charity foundation which main aims were:

Developing initiatives that are directed on establishing democratic and civil society in Ukraine  through developing and realization  different programmes and projects directed  on  democratization of social life, supporting  public organizations and local authorities, initiative groups.

Step by step organization activists were studying to act effective and coordinate. First organization programme  “Children Studio Radist” gradually grew into more extensive programme that covered not only  members of the studio ,but children majority of Perechin’s district.

1999 activists of the Charity Foundation addressed to Perechin’s local  council about conducting celebration of 600 th anniversary  the first written mention about Perechin .  Local council supported this initiative, but there was no financing for this event. At this time activists of the organization first wrote little project and got the financing by Carpathian foundation to conduct number of activities to celebrate the anniversary. When the project was implentated  organization got first positive experience in conducting projects and cooperation with local authorities. Then together with local council was implemented few interesting initiatives. As a result of this activity in a regulation was included another  activity direction: assistance in development of local self-government, involvement citizens in solution of local problems and developing constant communities. At the same time members of other  transcarpathian organization began to address  to a Center for Civic Initiatives on issues of implementing projects, preparing project applications and managing projects.By the time in Center for Civic initiatives already worked two Creative Center Counterpart trainers, who had a possibility to consultate on this topics.This way in organization appeared third activity direction: assistance in developing  NGO.

During all existence period  main activity directions were:

 -          deveopment of local  self- government ,  involvement citizens in deciding local problems and development of constant communities;

-          development of civil society organizations;

-          development of cooperation between different society sectors;

-          development of children and youth activity,  work with gifted youth.

As a result of strategic planning (during 2014) CF CCI developed new mission and goals

So at the moment “Center for Civic Initiatives”-ukrainian   non-government organization, which is registered in department of justice as a charity foundation that is working  in Transcarpathian region.