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“Perechin’s Community Foundation’s Grantmaking Process”

Charity Foundation ”Center for Civic Initiatives” and Perechin’s Community Foundation’s Youth Bank as a part of “Perechin’s Community Foundation’s Grantmaking Process” project , that implementing with the US Embassy Democracy Fund’s  support, with pleasure are inviting to take part in a project competition NGOs, charity foundations, non—formalized initiative groups, kindergartens, educational  institutions, medical and social institutions, that are situated in Perechin.

In this competition can’t take part political parties and it’s centers , local self government and executive authorities, comercial  structures and private persons.

Project contest’s aim are : supporting civic initiatives, directed on Perechin’s community development; Increasing social acivity in a community;  activating volunteerism .

As a part of this contest mini grants will be given in such areas:




Social utility for community

Maximum grant  size , that will be given as a part of this contest- 6000 UAH

Total contest budget is 32 000 UAH. As a part of this project it is going to support at least  5 best project proposals.

Necessary condition is organization’s own contribution, which must be granted as involved in a project staff  volunteeer work .

Realization period should not exceed 6 months .

Project realization should begin  september  1,  2011.

Projects should be designed in ukrainian language.

Projects should have exclusively public aims, should not serve as a source for getting profits, and also should not financially support any political party or campaign. All projects should have effect for  community’s majority.

Are welcome projects,which :

  • Provide involving  wide range of population for its realization, including on the basis of unpaid voluntary participation;
  • Provide few interested organization’s cooperation and contribution ;

Next project  types, activities and project expenses  will not be supported :

  • Projects directed on a support and /or participating in voting campaigns ;
  • Furniture expenses for offices;
  • Expenses related with a trips (travel, education);
  • Supporting  current organization’s activity : salaries , office rent , and also expenses in already implemented projects.
  • Direct humanitarian and oyher finacial aid ;
  • Projects, that provide expenses  for medical aid to individuals ;
  • Commercial projects or projects that provide purchasing  equipment that can be used in commercial purposes ;
  • Conduction workshops and conferences (not in a project activity);
  • Recreation camps organization;
  • Projects , which aim is giving awards, organization commemorations, monetary remuneration  for realization any programmes or projects etc;
  • Academic ( scientific) researches.

Limit sets on a projects budgets , where:

  • Experts fee  amount (including taxes) shoud not be more than 20 % of the requested amount of funding;

Advantage will be given to projects, that:

-          Have clearly defined aim and detailed action plan;

-          Provide involvement community in project realization;

-          Provide realistic and measuring results

-          Have rational budgets and planned costs using is effective

Received applications will be evaluated by independent Contest comission, that consists of government, public, business experts . Final competition results announcement  will take place till August 10, 2011.

Project applications ( two copies) should be sent  at the following address : CF “Center for Civic Initiatives”, Narodna sq. 21/1, Perechin , 89200, and sent on e-mail: mini_grant_MR@ukr.net .

Application form you can find on our web-site www.ci-center.org

For all interested 2 and 3 of the July ,2011 will be conducted consulting meetings  about filling application form .Meeting will be conducted in CF “ Center for Civic Initiatives” office.

More detail  information about project contest you can get in CF “ Center for Civic Initiatives” office, Narodna sq. 21/1, Perechin , 89200, contact number-0669086179, and on our web-site-www.ci-center.org.

Project  application -Application Form

Budget form-budget

Regulation on the provision of mini-grants- Regulations on projects

Supported Projects

Supported projects as a part of this contest. №п/п Name of the organization/initiative group   Project Name Project aim 1. Turistic association “Karpaty Eco-Kray” «Awareness – the key to substantial rest»   Informing tourists about the place they are located now,National park, educating tourists about athical behavior and ecological tourism rules, marketing ecotouristic products made …

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