Supported Projects

Supported projects as a part of this contest.

№п/п Name of the organization/initiative group


Project Name Project aim
1. Turistic association “Karpaty Eco-Kray” «Awareness – the key to substantial rest»


Informing tourists about the place they are located now,National park, educating tourists about athical behavior and ecological tourism rules, marketing ecotouristic products made and developed by local enterpreneurs.
2. Local Youth NGO “Center for Social and Business Initiatives” «Prevent the disaster  consequences: streamlining Zhonka river basin”  Запобігання наслідкам стихії: впорядкування басейну річки Жонка»


 Prevention negative influence of natural disasters on a Yaremcha region territory, and as a result, providing ecological balance and constant development of environmental territories, increasing ecological culture( garbage questions)  of local population and tourists, creating favorable conditions for touristic development by improvement ecological situation and giving true information during natural disasters  стихійних явищ
3. NGO “ Natural Club “ “Kedryna” «Development  christian ecological school- guaranty of education comprehensively developed children”. Creating  material and technical  base of  Christian ecological school to increase theoretical education pupils and effective conduction of practical conservation activty
4. NGO “ Association of Development Stuzhyca Local  Community” «Common Cause-Our Success”


Work level improvement of Novostuzhyca’s department of Uzh National Park in the development touristic infrastructure, improvement the availaibility of information  about activity of Novostuzhyca’s department of Uzh National Park areas
 5.  Uzhok Local Government «Uzhok’s Unesko’s heritage nominee- public attention» Saving natural ethnocultural, architectural and historical heritage  in environmental territories, creating  production building activities of St. Mikhail’s Church (fire prevention and water intake system
6. Yaremcha’s Local Non-government Ecological Organization  “MAMA-86-Yaremcha” «Summer class as  a means of  combinating human and nature» Educating youth to saving nature,   , promoting children’s creativity, ecotouristic development in Yaremcha Region, creating  conditions to conducting  different events, contests, festivals, increasing ecological consciousness and awareness of local people.