Supported Projects

 Supported projects as a part of this contest

№п/п Name of the organization/initiative group


Project Name Project aim
1. Non-government ecological organization “ Eco-play”  «Top Makovyca is waiting for you» Improvement infrastructure of recreational potential on a Carpathian National Nature Park territory ,example of which is  ecological cognitive route “ On Makovyca Mountain”. Increasing tourists and visitors awareness .


2. NGO “ Association of Development Stuzhyca Local  Community” «Through guardian’s house to world heritage UNESCO “ Beechy Carpathian wildwoods”» Increase visiting territory of Uzh National Nature Park by scientists and tourists. Assistance in increasing eco-educational work among the population ( especially among school age children ). Improvement access to natural object of world Unesco heritage “ Beechy Carpathian wildwoods”


3. NGO “ Agency of Local Development and Informative Resources “Europolis”” «Installing sollar thermal air collectors ,made in Ukraine ,in wooden churches of Velyky Berezny district” Saving unique exhibits in wooden churches- architecture memorials of 17-18 century.Clarification and promotion using alternative energy source  possibilities and its benefits  among population.Involving public and strengthening public structures , which activity is directed on regional and local development .


4. NGO touristic association “ Karpaty Eco Kray” «Sacral Hucul region” Creating conditions to introduce sacral architecture of Yaremcha region for tourists. Disclosure  of ethnographic and cultural wealth of a region. Popularization sacral architecture memorials , which are situatedon a Carpathian National Nature Park territory.

Spiritual  and ethno education for tourists.

Incerasing park image in ethnological direction

5. NGO Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Foundation “ Carpathian Path” «Assistance constant development of environmental territories by increasing awareness about it » Increase tourists awareness   about environmental objects                                                                        вернення уваги



Pay tourists attention on impotance of protected areas, acquaintance tourists with network of marked routes and National Park’s terrirory, to constant development of this territory, publicating eco maps of most popular touristic region focusing on availaibility here environmental territories.

6. NGO «PRO LISOK» «Excursions in eco-cognitive footpaths- active educational and educative form for rising generations.» Creating conditions for   visitors adjustable rest beyond environmental territories in Chernyk village and production handout materials in a footpaths “Hrehoty Horhan” Horhan’s reserve and “ Dovbushanski Horhany” in Chernyk village.   
7. Non-government charity foundation of ecological and touristic development “Uzhanska Dolyna” «Uzh National Nature Park’s eco-educational center “Zelena Svitlyca”


Creating eco-educational center “ Zelena Svytlyca”

Creating conditions for qualitative conduction eco lessons with pupils. Spreading information about natural and cultural values of Uzh National Nature Park among visitors , tourists and local populace