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“Saving and Constant Using of Nature Resources in Ukrainian Carpathians”

Contest is financed by Norwegian government and supported by WWF as a part of “Saving and Constant Using of Nature Resources in Ukrainian Carpathians” project.

Contest grant conditions for project ideas

Serving project ideas deadline: 30 of December 2011,  17.00 Kyiv time.



Administration of mini-projects contest conducted by charity foundation “Center for Civic Initiatives” Perechin, Zakarpattya as a part of the project “Saving and constant using of nature resources in ukrainian Carpathians”. General management is provided by WWF Dunai-Carpathian Programme, financed by Norwegian government.


Mini-grants contest initiated as a part of the component “Increasing of institutional possibilities of non-government organizations and communities to ensure measure viability of conservancy and local development in Carpathian National Nature Park, Uzh National Nature Park and “Gorgany” Nature Reserve.

Total amount of grant fund is 14300 euro by NBU rated by Europian Comission.

At the project costs will be financed best project applications , selected on a competition basis by special Evaluation Comitee.


Project will finance best project applications, selected by special Evaluation Comitee

.Projects financed by this project must promote developing one of the areas:

  • Promoting stable development selected regions and saving biodiversity of protected areas;
  • Supporting activity of selected protected areas;
  • Saving, popularization and development local etnographical and cultural traditions;
  • Local  economic development (supporting small and medium businesses, creating new workplaces initiatives…);
  •   Strengthening structures ( NGO’s, citizen’s association, local governments) which activity is directed on regional/local development, and structures which activity is directed on involving community in regional/local development.


Small projects contest geography:


Project ideas will be considered from the districts that are located on the territory of Uzh National Park .

Grant size:

  • maximum grant amount for organization- 25 000 UAH;
  • Grant sum must be not more than 90% of all needed expenses that predicted in a budget.Rest 10% of expenses organization must finace by their own costs involved from other sources ( except grant programmes financed by European Union).




Who can take part in a contest ?

Take part in a contest and be a searcherer organization can structures, who:

  • Has legal nonprofit status;
  • Organization that is: a)NGO/Charity foundation,

b) local government or it’s unit

c)organization created by local government or self-government directed on deciding regional problems .

  • Located and registered on the territory of Zakarpattya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Chernivtsi’s region’s
  • Taking part in preparing applications and will take part in prioject realization.
  • Project applications will be not accepted by religious organization, political parties and it’s local centers;



 Procedure for submission to the contest of project ideas 



Searcher organization must submit their project idea in electronic or printed form in CF”Center for Civic Initiatives” till 17.00 kyiv time, 30 December 2011.


Е-mail – CFCCI@ukr.net


Adress: Prechin, Narodna sq.21/1

Sample of the filling out the application

  1. Information about applicant:
  • Full legal applicant’s name
  • Post address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail
  • Contact person
  • Banking details
  1. Project idea description (not more than 15 lines)
  2. Measures that are planned in a project (not more than 10 lines)
  3.  Expected total project budget (UAH)
  4. Finance sources
  • Project costs
  • Own contribution
  • Other sources




Procedures for submitting project ideas:

  • Project idea is filling in ukrainian
  • Project idea must be printed or sent electronically.Handwritten proposals are not allowed in contest
  • In a case if information in a n application would not be full or Evaluation Comitee will need more detail information about any aspects, to organization searcher will be sent information request to provide detail information.

Expenses that can be provided in a budget:

  • Overhead for conduction workshops/conferences, also renting rooms/buildings, transport, technical equipment, publishing materials, feeding participants.
  • Expenses for assignments for project realization
  • Fee for local consultants/experts.
  • Expenses for working out , publishing and widespreading  informative materials, also for creating web-sites.
  • Expenses for infrastructure activities.
  • Expenses below would not be financed by grant  costs
  • Organization inside expenses( workers fee, payments for own offices, transports,equipment). This expenses should be put in a budget as your own contribution.
  • Equipment purchase, except those cases, when project has very high priority and availability og this equipment is very required to realize a project.In this case cost of the equipment can’t be more than 20 % of total budget.
  • Purchasing alcohole and tobacco
  • Purchasing transports
  • Purchasing land and real estate
  • Covering of debt


Procedure of evaluating project ideas,determinating winners and procedure  for submitting applications for grant funding.


After receiving an application CF ”Center for Civic Initiatives” will be conducted it’s evaluation.

According to evaluation project ideas Evaluation Comitee will will decide to allow or prevent ideas to next stage of the small projects contest.

Subsequent participating in  small projects contest provides preparing and presentation full project application:

  • Filled full application form
  • Project budget
  • Original of a cover letter
  • Resume of all project performers

-          If necessary:

  • Description of small architecture forms(SAF) – description is required application if during project realization provides building SAFes: informative stands, pointers, plans and scheme maps.


Organization-searcher consulting:

  • Searcher organizations may apply to the CF “ Center for Civic initiatives” till 30 of December 2011, to get any additional information or questions directed on a clarifying  contest conditions, procedures of submitting project ideas.
  • This kind of consulting will be conducted by Programme consultants :

-          Andriy Vyshnyak- 0506516415

Andriy Zaluzhniy-– 0506733005; 0982606645.

-          Or e-mail – CFCCI@ukr.net

Supported Projects

Supported projects as a part of this contest. № п/п Name of the organization/initiative group Project Name Project aim Perechin’s  Social-Humanitarian  Gymnasium «Perechin-the  town with its own destiny…» Educating love to native town, pride of it by creating history corner in Perechin’s   gymnazium and creating group of young experts in history, tradition, literature of their …

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