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Supported projects as a part of this contest.

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Perechin’s  Social-Humanitarian  Gymnasium «Perechin-the  town with its own destiny…» Educating love to native town, pride of it by creating history corner in Perechin’s   gymnazium and creating group of young experts in history, tradition, literature of their native town.
NGO “ Perechin’s Development Agency” «Love and know your native town» Promote Perechin’s touristic attractiveness development by creating touristic routes, developing and spreading advertising products about the town, involving senior pupils.
Initiative Group “ Go for the Idea” «Keep up with the pointer!» Project aim is promoting easier access to historical objects and interesting places in Perechin by establishing pointers.
Charitable foundation for supporting orphans and children deprived of parental care “Opika” « Spiritual Heritage – our most valuable treasure » Empowering Perechin’s touristic development, educating patriotism by creating museum of the town, involving local community members.
Initiative group of  kindergarten “Teremok” «Educative Chamber for preschoolers» Parenting patriotism, national spirit in preschoolers by creating and repairing national ukrainian styled room.