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“Young Forest Rangers”

“Young Forest Rangers”

Project Aim -attract attention of public to the problem of deforestation in the Carpathian region of Ukraine and educate children to respect nature, extend their knowledge in effective nature management and give participants practical skills in such topics by creating “Young Forest Rangers” clubs in five regions of Western Ukraine and the organization of system activity.

Project objectives:

  1. Conduct wide informative campaign to attract public attention to the problem of deforestation of Ukrainian Carpathians
  2. Organize system of acitivity  of five “Young Forest Rangers” clubs.
  3. Spread an information on best practices of “Young Forest
    Rangers ” clubs on the territory of all Ukraine.
  4. Conduct a training  series for all project participants .

Project duration :  August 2016 to December 31, 2017.

Donor: International US Forest Service program.