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Creating system of alternative pre-school education forms in rural communities

Creating system of alternative pre-school education forms in rural communities

Project  realization period: 01.11.2012-31.10.2014

Project aim: assistance stable development of rural communities( in chosen districts of west Ukraine) by creating and functioning local partnerships in system of alternative pre-schiool education.

Main performer is organization “Center for Educational Initiatives”(Lviv). Partner,which coordinate activities in Zakarpattya is public organization “ Center for Civic Initiatives” (Perechin).

As a part of the project are predicted next activities:

-          Opening and conducting for 13 month short-term groups for preschoolers (on the basis of secondary schools);

-          Creating and conducting (trainings, educational visits to Poland) district work groups, which aim is creating alternative pre-school education programme  and adaptating it to ukrainian standarts;

-          Approval development of alternative pre-school education programmes by district councils;

-          Methodical conducting (trainings for educators, printing the publication, creating videofilm, final conference);

-          Establishing partnership between Ukrainian and polish communities, involved in project.

According to needs in Perechin’s district project will be implemented in villages: Pastilky (on the basis of secondary school), Vilshynku(on the basis of secondary school), Mokra( on the basis of elementary school), Simerky (on the basis of secondary school),Novoselyca(on the basis of secondary school).

Donor: International Cooperation Programme Poland-Bielorus-Ukraine 2007-2013.