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Healthy Women of Ukraine Program

Realization period: 01.04.2013 -30.08.2014

Project aim- Increase women and couples in a reproductive age knowledge about making decision  family planning and  reproductive health, using modern and effective contraception methods as alternative for non-planned pregnancy and abortion by conduction large-scale informative campaign on the Zakarpattya region territory

Project objectives: Increasing knowledge level about saving reproductive health among citizens, firstly socially vulnerable groups- rural women and reproductive age couples, student youth by conduction informative campaign.

Spreading and popularization among fertile age women and couples safe sources of information  and new services in the reproductive health area and planning family.;

Formation responsible attitude towards saving self reproductive health during planned activities dedicated to Family Day.

Expansion cooperation network, including specialized medical institutions, libraries and educational institutions, public organizations in Zakarpattya.

 Donor: The John Snow Research and Training Institute within the Healthy Women of Ukraine Programme